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Your outsourced business bookkeeping team to give you back your time and peace of mind.


Years ago, Crystal Wambeke started the company with one mission in mind: To help business owners with their finances. It is one of the most challenging aspects of business, and one we happen to be really good at. 

We now have a team of dedicated fraud examiners, bookkeepers and account managers to help your business function and thrive with accurate financials.

We can't wait to help you.

The Team at Wambeke & Associates

Quick & Dirty Bookkeeping

With QUICK & DIRTY BOOKKEEPING Crystal guides you out of the dark Bookkeeping Abyss until you've become an Accounting Master.


Get your financials in order for good with tips and advice for creating a system you can wrap your head around.

QUICK & DIRTY lets you get it done ... and get on with your life.

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